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The Oak of Peace Played a Huge Role in U.S. History | love San Fernando Valley

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The Oak of Peace Played a Huge Role in U.S. History

The Oak of Peace Played a Huge Role in U.S. History

May 15, 2016

The San Fernando Valley was the location of the biggest transfer of territory to the United States after the Louisiana Purchase. In 1846, the Mexican Californios found themselves deserted by the central government in Mexico City. They were ordered to fight off the invading U.S. army, but did not have a trained militia. They armed their own cowboys, servants, and even prisoners. If you’re following the course that history took on January 11, 1847, then stand under this tree in the Catalina Verdugo Adobe garden before heading to see Campo de Cahuenga at Lankershim Blvd/Universal City. It was here that two Pico brothers on opposite sides of the conflict discussed what to do with other prominent Californios. Dona Bernarda Ruiz laid out her plan.  Two days later, they rode down to sign the Treaty of Cahuenga. This home is on one of the first land grants given to a Spanish soldier in California, Jose Verdugo in 1784. It’s open every day 8 a.m. -4:30 p.m. 2211 Bonita Drive, Glendale 9120882f3c69a484629cdfba12c8115bb4974IMG_0264IMG_0265 IMG_0285


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