4th Largest Unofficial City in America!

Aug. 22 American ship arrives with more pirate news

Captain James Hunnewell greeted an American captain coming from Owyhee (Hawaii), who had stopped in to pay fees to King Kamemehaha first — as ships were required to do seeking anchorage at Oahu. Henry Guisely (Gyselaar as others would write it) of the Clarion brought amazing news. There was another Spanish pirate ship down in Owyhee! And this wasn’t just any brig. It was the biggest warship Gyselaar had ever seen, bristling with 34 cannons and nearly 200 sailors, marines and artillery men. The biggest surprise to Hunnewell was the country they sailed for — it was another privateer from the new Spanish republic of Argentina! He told Gyselaar that they’d already been visited by twice by another ship from this new province they’d never heard of. What was going on?

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