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Aug. 23 Another Warship of Argentinian Pirates! | love San Fernando Valley

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Aug. 23 Another Warship of Argentinian Pirates!

A brig coming from the Spanish Main (the Enterprise) and one arriving from the Columbia River in Oregon Territory¬† (the Levant) both confirm the presence of the ominous Spanish warship anchored at the king’s island, Owyhee. The news that their marines rounded up the former pirates of the mutiny who were living on island around His Majesty’s compound is startling. The foreign captain Bouchard forced them all aboard his ship to serve their country, honoring the contract they’d signed in Buenos Ayres. Or he threatened them with death, since that was the penalty for mutiny if found guilty. And Bouchard was acting as judge and jury.

This was big drama to the other crews witnessing this. And they are stilling talking about it to the residents of Honolulu when they disembark. The bigger worry is that the Argentinean warship plans to show up at Woahu (Oahu). A few Argentine sailors have been living along the harbor. They immediately make plans to depart Honoruru. Some will head up to the jungle in the highlands. Others sign up to crew for the first schooner heading out, regardless which direction its heading.

These revolutionaries will not sail for Hipolyte Bouchard again. They tell war stories of their deadly sea battles against the Spanish in Ecuador and Peru — of this brash, brazen commander. Of how they begged Bouchard not to sail round the treacherous Horn in their damaged brig. Of how he nearly killed them all. That’s why they signed up with the other war hero when Argentina decided to send out two ships to announce their existence to the entire world. Only he turned out to be worse!

The village braces for the visit.

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